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Sto. Niño Augustinian – Philanthropic Development Office

Sto. Niño Augustinian – Philanthropic Development Office

Directions for the year 2013 – 2014


The Sto. Niño-Augustinian Philanthropic Development Office envisions a partnership of restless journeyers in participating into sustainable advocacies and mission in fostering Christian-Augustinian values in the society.


We, the Filipino Augustinians, believe that our calling to live in a common search for God in our shared lives bring out a greater meaning in the community of the Church. Our common life leads us to service of God through our brothers and sisters around us. Moreover, out mission finds relevance as these services are rendered to both spiritual and temporal needs of the people, particularly the least and the poor in the community. By involving ourselves in the apostolate of education, we form hearts and minds. By living out community life, we initiated foundations of communities and nurturing them to faith. By immersing with the poor and victims of injustices, we become voice to the voiceless by taking active role in the campaign for justice and peace. Thus, we commit our restless service to these causes, hopeful that through these services the City of God is being established in the hearts of men.

Campaign motto “Restless for Service”

Advocacies of the Order of St. Augustine Province of
Sto. Niño de Cebu-Philippines


Augustinians are great educators. They have schools and they are into administration and teaching profession. The mark of Virtue and Science makes Augustinian education distinctively prized in our institutions. Students are being formed in the excellence in faith and erudition. But they also believe that education is something that must be accessible to all. Hence, the friars offer also this same quality education to those students but cannot defray the necessary payments.

Vocation Promotion and Formation

In formation, the seedbed of Augustinian life, we train future philanthropists. The selection and the human, spiritual, academic and apostolic training of formands are crucial because they are the ones who will lead and handle our apostolates and ministries in the future.


The Augustinians maintain foreign and local missions through their commitments to administer mission parishes in the country and collaboration efforts with other Augustinians in some parts of the globe. In local missions, parishes which are either far from the economic mainstream continue to be a common problem of dioceses as fewer priests are available and the fiscal stability cannot support their priest. Augustinian presence acts as an opportunity to bridges these chasms because common life allows greater availability of priest-friars to minister and financial stability of the parish is helped by the community. On the one hand, collaboration with other circumscriptions of the Augustinians is being maintained by the Province in order to support confreres who need more personnel to maintain continuous pastoral administration in foreign areas.

Care of the Sick and the Elderly

Undeniably, there are contours in human life that need to keep an eye for. Health is one factor which allows friars to support and do these advocacies and thus, they need to keep themselves healthy. But when the cycle of human reality put us away from the pink of health, we must also keep in mind that we should also need to be philanthropists to the first human being around us which is ourselves.

Infrastructure and Community Development

Augustinians are great builders. The monumental edifices of churches which numbers of more than a hundred in their mission fields are testimonies of this Augustinian commitment to unite people and create communities. Today, Augustinians are still great builders of communities. Their infrastructures serve as reminders of their great work of evangelization, education and formation. It is a sign of the same zeal to form one community motivated by one inspiration.

Pastoral Care

Augustinian missionaries who pioneered the vineyard in the Philippines took pastoral care as one of its first duties as a missionary. Today, Augustinians are still engaged in pastoral work. As a parish community, it upholds the vision and mission of the diocese where it belongs. As an Augustinian parish, it is distinctly run by a team of Augustinian friars who collaborate for the different pastoral activities. The parish is further distinguished by the witness of common life of the friars. The community becomes a sign to the whole parish community of Christian life eagerly live out; a mirror of its pastors’ preaching of Christian love and source of inspiration to live out Christian discipleship dedicated for the wellbeing of the other.

Promotion of Augustinian Spirituality and Devotions

Augustinian Spirituality is not another brand distinct from Christianity, but to be an Augustinian is first to be a Christian for an Augustinian is an ardent searcher, a restless pilgrim for the fatherland who is Christ. The Augustinians therefore are mandated through their identity to connect with the people their basic spiritual experiences of their religious life and to relate it to the very experiences of the people as Augustine himself must have done which was reflected in his writings and his exhortation to the people in his sermons. Spirituality simply means discipleship and thus, the Augustinians also have the primary role in teaching people in the school of Christ first on how to be good Christians. On the one hand there are many Augustinian devotions which fosters this discipleship and commitment to live Christian lives. Among these Augustinian devotions is the Sto. Niño de Cebu which has been since under Augustinian custody. Through this devotion, the Augustinians channel Christian formation and evangelization making this devotion a springboard to appreciate the beauty and richness of Catholic faith.

Preservation of Cultural Heritage

As Augustinians in the Philippines, we are known to be pioneer missionaries in the country. This paved way for our ancestors to be builders not only of communities. Augustinians were great builders of church buildings and other structures also, which have become cultural heritages of our country. Hence, the Augustinians do not forget this past and have committed for the preservation of these age-old testimonies of our glorious past mindful that these are testaments of undying effort of love for humanity.

Rev. Fr. Jose Rene Delariarte, OSA

Director, Sto. Niño Augustinian – Philanthropic Development Office

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